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School (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skool/

Related: Schooled, Schoolin’

What does School mean?

1. A place people go to learn.

2. To educate someone.

3. To beat someone and show them how it’s done.

School Synonyms: Teach

Example sentence: “If you keep talking that shit, i’m gonna school you.”

School in songs:

“Sit down, little man, let me school you in hood business” – Nas, Trust.

“Take them boys to school, swagonometry” – Young Thug, Best Friend.

Project Baby, y’all was skippin’ in the hallway, I was skippin’ school” – Kodak Black, No Flockin’.

“And I could school you at this age don’t be clueless in the brain” – Cozz, Zendaya.

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