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Schemer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skeem-r/

Related: Scheme, Schemin’, Scheming, Schemed

What does Schemer mean?

Someone who is involved or thinks of ideas and plans to do or acquire something.

Schemer Synonyms: Plotter, Conspirator

Example sentence: “My lil boy a schemer, he’ll think of a way.”

Schemer in songs:

“We plot on you niggas, I’m probably a schemer” – Joyner Lucas, I Lied (Intro).

“A liar, a schemer, a cheater, I do it all” – Princess Nokia, Bart Simpson.

“Got built with ends but I ain’t got a bank schemer” – Rylo Rodriguez, Sick Of Cell.

I’m a schemer, you just waitin on your check from FEMA” – Paul Wall, Live It.

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