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Scored (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skord/

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What does Scored mean?

1. To have had sexual intercourse.

Scored Synonyms: Smashed, Hit, Fucked, Piped, Beat

2. To have gotten revenge.

Example sentence: “I took her to the crib and I scored.”

Scored in songs:

“You ain’t scored on the O, can you tell me when? Slide on my block and you’re getting ten” – Bandokay, Next Up?.

“We flex on the opps, get vexed No net, but you know that we scored on them” – ZT, Body (Remix).

Pull up on the oppas, ‘ppose to be there and they hidin’ ‘Cause they scored when we ain’t have them heaters” – G Herbo, Write Your Name.

“Talkin’ work on my phone nigga say he got them bricks Scored a few by the two, or the ten, that’s a lick” – Kevin Gates, Hard For.

“My kids already rich and they don’t even know These nigga’s sayin’ they playa’s, they ain’t even scored” – Lil Wayne, U.O.E.N.O..

“Still want that point for Gucci, look his killer in his eyes My bad I never scored for y’all, but at least a nigga tried” – Polo G, 33.

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