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Sack chaser


Sack chaser (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sack-chase-rr/

Plural: Sack chasers

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What does Sack chaser mean?

1. A woman who uses men for their money.

2. Someone who chases money.

Example sentence:Shorty only want the bag, she’s a sack chaser.”

Sack chaser in songs:

“Diamonds hanging off me I’m intoxicated, Chop it up with a sack chaser” – Future, 56 Nights.

“This bitch just a sack chaser, she got me panicking” – G Herbo, Control.

I’m a sack chaser, catch me racin to that paper” – Key Glock, Momma Told Me.

Bitch I’m the real sack chaser, I’m the mob wife turned to a gangster bitch” – Stunna girl, Clout.

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Sack chaser
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Sack chaser