Scalawag (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /ska-la-wag/

Also spelled or known as: Scallywag, Scallawag

Plural: Scalawags

What does Scalawag mean?

1. Someone who can’t be trusted and causes trouble.

Scalawag Synonyms: Scumbag, Traitor, Rascal

2. A very promiscuous and dirty woman.

Example sentence: “I’m good on chilling with the scalawag.”

Scalawag in songs:

“Yo bitch a bald head scalawag, I was on the eastside when I rolled this Backwood” – Sada Baby, Balifornia.

“You Bisquick Scalawag silly muthafuckas” – Amine, Pressure In My Palms.

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