Schemin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skeme-in/

Also known or spelled as: Scheming

Related: Scheme, Scheming

What does Schemin’ mean?

To be working on an idea or plan to do something.

Schemin’ Synonyms: Plottin

Example sentence: “I’m always schemin’ because i love money.”

Schemin’ in songs:

“Did she have a clue of all the schemes he was schemin’” – J. Cole, Sideline Story.

Schemin’ on the first chick with the hugest boobs” – Eminem, Drug Ballad.

Don’t be schemin’ on a hunnid, nigga, run up you a million” – Young Nudy, 4L.

“Me and you, no truer two, while schemin’ on hits” – 2Pac, Life Goes On.

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