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Scrapping (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /scrap-in/

Also spelled: Scrappin

Related: Scrap, Scrapped

What does Scrapping mean?

To be fighting.

Scrapping Synonyms: Throwing hands, Boxing, Tussling, Squaring up

Example sentence: “After the show, some fans were scrapping.”

Scrapping in songs:

Scrapping after school, Compton High wasn’t bool Could have went to Centennial but I love this shit, Blood” – The Game, Gang Related.

“I send they body flipping around like a stunt double Forget about the fighting, scrapping, squabing, bucking” – Kuniva, Get My Gun.

“You know the cliche “life’s a bitch” well I’m gon marry that ass And sign a prenup, think back to when we tore the skating rink up Rapping and we scrapping, we got older hit the teen club Gave mean mugs to niggas but we winked to all the girls” – J. Cole, Farewell.

Bad to the bone, leave my hat where my home is Scrapping told a G I leave my GAT where my tone’s at” – Gucci Mane, Bought A Chicken.

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