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Scammer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skam-err/

Plural: Scammers

Related: Scam, Scamming, Scammed

What does Scammer mean?

A person that commits a scam or fraud for financial gain.

Scammer Synonyms: Fraudster, Schemer, Shiester

Example sentence: “I can’t believe you thought I was a scammer.”

Scammer in songs:

“If that nigga a scammer, I’m turnin’ to a dancer (Yup) I make it clap like he got the right answer Sit on it with manners, get it harder than a hammer He wanna freak, pussy pink, breast cancer” – JT, Act Up.

“I got my hand on my hammer You swipe like a credit card scammer Bad bitch, yeah, I know she a scammer Fucked the bitch, then I’m out of the jammer” – Juice WRLD, 1400 / 999 Freestyle.

“I love my cousin, she was a dancer I love my brother, he was a scammer” – Lil Durk, EVERY CHANCE I GET.

“She ugly hot, like a chick that call you to borrow Five hunnid, then promise she gon’ pay you back tomorrow Then left with a scammer with a Gucci hat from Marshalls Slept with him, then woke up, saw his watch was a Fossil” – Kanye West, Go2DaMoon.

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