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Scammers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skam-errs/

Singular: Scammer

Related: Scam, Scamming, Scammed

What does Scammers mean?

People who commit scams or fraud for financial gain.

Scammers Synonyms: Fraudsters, Schemers

Example sentence: “I keep getting calls from scammers.”

Scammers in songs:

“My bitch went to Miami, got a lil’ tanner (Oh, yeah, uh) We got way more cards than the scammers” – Slayerr, TM88.

“Where the ones stealin’ clothes at? (Where they at?) Where the trappers? Where the scammers? Where the zoes at?” – Yung Miami, Season.

I’m with the scammers I’m buying bags for all of my bitches” – Meek Mill, The Difference.

“I got scammers and junkies lined up on each side I got five percent tint on each side” – Future, Rent Money.

“All them scammers and them killers who I hang with Yeah, I taste good, ain’t no onions on my sandwich” – Pop Smoke, Like Me.

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