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Safe house


Safe house (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /safe-haus/

Also spelled or known as: Safe-house, Safehouse

What does Safe house mean?

An unknown house where one goes to hide out.

Safe house Synonyms: Hideout

Example sentence: “I was chilling watching Netflix in my safe house.”

Safe house in songs:

“I can tell ya ’bout them safe house nights out in Calabasas” – Drake, 10 Bands.

“From the parking lot to my safe house” – Curren$y, She Don’t Want a Man.

Break in your safe house like Whitaker” – Quavo, Forest Whitaker.

“I got a few digi scales and a couple Denzels and you mothafuckin’ right, this a safe house” – Young Jeezy, War Ready.

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Safe house
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Safe house