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Saddidy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /sah-did-e/

Also spelled or known as: Saditty, Sediddy, Seditty, Sadidy

What does Saddidy mean?

To be uptight and conceited.

Saddidy Synonyms: Cocky, Lofty, Proud

Example sentence: “My new girl is acting saddidy.”

Saddidy in songs:

“That damn gritty, and that man damn witty Hiddy-dum saddidycan’t even feel the Van Damme kicking” – A-F-R-O, He Got Game.

“I can’t stand no bitch that thinks she pretty Too saddidy, No ass and no titty” – Afroman, Freestyle (Fro-Style).

“Brand new bitch, she bad, and she saddidy” – Rod Wave, FTCU.

I’m with Ricky gettin’ swifty, with yo bitty in the city So saddidy, she been smokin’ on my ciggy, she gon’ lip me” – Reisen9k, Heart Attack.

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