Blam (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blham/

Related: Blammer, Blammin’, Blamming, Blammed

What does Blam mean?

To shoot (a gun).

Blam Synonyms: Dump, Blaze, Bust, Bust a cap, Clapback

Example sentence:Don’t try me, i won’t hesitate to blam.”

Blam in songs:

“Run up on me, I blam” – Juice Wrld, 1400 / 999 Freestyle.

“Still with the gang though, one false move, them killers blam” – Polo G, Finer Things.

“A nigga look wrong in this bitch, we gonna blam him” – NLE Choppa, Famous Hoes.

“And if we see a opp, we blam him” – Chief Keef, Now It’s Over.

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