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Chiraq (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /shy-rack/

Also spelled: Chi-raq, Ch-iraq, Shyrack, Shy-rack, Shy rack

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What does Chiraq mean?

A nickname for Chicago.

Chiraq Synonyms: Raq, Chi-Town, Killinois

Similar to Chiraq: The Hood, The Ghetto, The Ville, The 6, H-Town, Cali

Origin: Chiraq is a combination of America’s third largest city Chicago and the country Iraq. A lot of gang wars happen in Chicago and the nickname was created and given to the dangerous parts of the city because of the crime rate and violent history.

Example sentence: “If you don’t want no smoke in the midwest, don’t come to Chiraq.”

Stufinder Chicago
Stufinder Chicago

Chiraq in songs:

I’m from Chiraq where they be killing y’all” – Chief Keef, Earned It.

“Where I’m from? This Chiraq, you get left as a tragic” Lil Reese – Traffic.

I’m in Chicago, Chiraq” – Chief Keef, Love No Thotties.

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