Jam (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jahm/

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What does Jam mean?

1. A good song.

Jam Synonyms: Bop, Classic, Hit

2. A bad situation.

3. A party.

Jam Synonyms: Function

4. To play music.

Example sentence: “Loyalty & Love by Joe Trufant is my Jam.”

Jam in songs:

“No time to soak up the moment though ‘cause I was in a jam” – J. Cole, Let Nas Down.

“This gun ain’t gonjam, when I blow, I ain’t missin'” – Lil Baby, Wants and Needs.

“Got your man in a jam again, got my hands in cuff” – Jay-Z, Picasso Baby.

“So this is for my family, the kid who had a cameo on my last jam plus the man who never had a plan B, Be all you can be” – Eminem,

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