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Queen Bee

Queen Bee (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kween-bee/

Also spelled: Queen-Bee, Queen B

What does Queen Bee mean?

Lil’ Kim’s nickname.

Other Lil Kim Nicknames: Queen B

Lil Kim’s real name: Kimberly Denise Jones

Example sentence:Lil Kim also goes by Queen Bee.”

Queen Bee in songs:

Lil Kim, the Queen Bee, so you best take heed Shall I proceed?” – Lil’ Kim, Crush on You (Remix).

“Got these niggas on lock, but we never cuff! If Queen Bee don’t trust ’em, I bet you Remy bust” – Lil’ Kim, Wake Me Up.

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Queen Bee
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Queen Bee

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