Hood Fave

Hood Fave (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hood-fayv/

Also spelled or known as: Hood-Fave

What does Hood Fave mean?

Jay Critch’s nickname.

Jay Critch’s real name: Jason Cole Critchlow

Example sentence: “Jay Critch also goes by Hood Fave.”

Hood Fave in songs:

Hood fave I hit the booth and make an anthem” – Jay Critch, Cameras.

Hood Fave, had to go make a move I finessed the world for them dividends” – Jay Critch, Ego.

Hood fave, had to level up I made all these racks in one day, wet the bezel up No key, I just press a button, engine revvin’ up Lowkey they don’t want no problems, boy don’t press your luck” – Jay Critch, Smutty (Intro).

“We gonpull up throw shots like the Matrix (grra) Hood fave with the clutch like game six” – Jay Critch, Made It.

Hood fave, my shit jumpin’ up out the frying pan” – Jay Critch, Try It.

“Fifteen, I was ballin’, Vince Carter Hood Fave, money blue like the water” – Jay Critch, Intro.

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Hood Fave
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Hood Fave

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