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Breezy (slang)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /breez-e/

What does Breezy mean?

1. A promiscuous woman.

Breezy Synonyms: Sket, Thot, Skank, Skeezer, Bird, Hoe, Prostitute, Spreader, Slut, Whore, Bust down, Eater, Ho, Thottie, Sketel

2. Chris Brown’s nickname.

Other Chris Brown Nicknames: CB

Chris Brown’s real name: Christopher Maurice Brown

Example sentence: “Chris Brown also goes by Breezy or Chris Breezy.”

Breezy in songs:

“Leave your face open like you Breezy, I mean it” – Childish Gambino, One Up.

“I got brothers like Tip, like Breezy” – Joyner Lucas, Lotto.

“Chris Breezy with the dance moves” – Drake, Summer 16

“Whoop Whoop dope dancing like Chris Breezy” – Young Thug, Off the Leash.

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