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Almighty So

Almighty So (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /al-mite-e-so/

Also spelled or known as: Almighty So

What does Almighty So mean?

Chief Keef’s nickname.

Other Chief Keef Nicknames: So, Sosa

Chief Keef’s real name: Keith Farrelle Cozart

Example sentence:Chief Keef also goes by Almighty So.”

Almighty So in songs:

“Who would’ve ever thought that I would be Almighty So” – Chief Keef, Who Would’ve Ever Thought.

I’m feelin’ like I’m Almighty So, nigga, bang-bang” – Lil Tecca, Never Left.

Yeah me and my nigga the Almighty So, yeah fuck niggas out” – DJ Scream, Ape Shit.

“Baby, I’m a king, I know I am not a Lord, But I’m Almighty So‘ and that’s that shit that I send shottas for” – Chief Keef, Semi on Em.

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Almighty So
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Almighty So

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