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Budda (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bood-ah/

Also spelled or known as: Buddah

What does Budda mean?


Budda Synonyms: Gas, Reefer, Herb, Pot, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, OG Kush, Pack, Zaza, Green, Tree, Doja, Fire, Dro, Kush, Buddah, Weed

Example sentence: “I brought some budda to the booth.”

Budda in songs:

“Smokin’ budda with a hoota’ get better prices from looters Shake my shell with the shooters leed a luga with duga” – Treach, Jamboree.

“Me and Luda puffing budda, we in a black Cougar On Zap Judas, you try to jack us we grab rugers” – Lil’ Flip, Screwed Up.

“Smokin that budda Drinkin that puda” – Low G, Mary Go Round.

Mary Jane and Pam is a cherry’s main choice Cause these heffas, they like smoking budda by The Bay” – Andre Nickatina, Powda 4 the Hoes.

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