Buddah (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bud-ah/

What does Buddah mean?


Buddah Synonyms: Haze, Cheeba, Broccoli, Gas, Boof, Green, Ganja, Reefer, Grass, Tree, Fire, Dro, Pack, Zaza, Loud, Bud, Za, Cabbage

Example sentence: “We were smoking on buddah, before we went to the restaurant.”

Buddah in songs:

“Peace to all my buddah smokers on Prince” – Redman, Pick It Up.

“The room smell like buddah so light up some incense” – Pro Era, Pitchfork Selector Freestyle.

“Whatever last, smoke buddah, make more gouda cheese” – Bas, Barack Obama Special.

“Put me on her roster to rid her of imposters and to sell the buddah for the sexy drug ruler” – Q-Tip, Everything Is Fair.

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