Hoota (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hoo-tah/

What does Hoota mean?

A cigar that has been emptied and filled with marijuana.

Hoota Synonyms: Dutchie, Blunt

Example sentence: “Let’s smoke a hoota before we record.”

Hoota in songs:

I’m rollin like a scoota puffin on a hoota” – Total Devastation, Cloud Nine.

“We sparked the hoota then we sparked a movement Red lights flashing yeah we stuck to the plan” – Daddy X, Do The Math.

“You must be smoking hoota thinking you can beat the ruler, never that” – Shadow The Great, Illa.

“Me rollin with me pass the hoota to ya Me feelin that blunt so don’t let that budda fool ya Puff on the hoota” – Krayzie Bone, Smokin’ Budda.

“Hey don’t miss out on what you’re passin’ You’re missin’, the hoota of the funky Buddha” – B-Real, How I Could Just Kill a Man.

“Smokin’ budda with a hoota‘ get better prices from looters” – Treach, Jamboree.

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