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Boxed up

Boxed up (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /boxd-up/

Related: Box, Boxing, Boxer, Boxed up, Boxin’

What does Boxed up mean?

1. To have fought.

Boxed up Synonyms: Boxed, Scrapped, Throwed hands, Squared up, Scuffled, Tussled, Boxed, Beefed, Threw hands

2. To be incarcerated; in jail or prison.

Boxed up Synonyms: Locked up, Birded

3. To be dead in a coffin.

Example sentence: “I hated to see my friend boxed up.”

Boxed up in songs:

Pussy boy thought he was gifted, well then treat his ass like a gift get him boxed up” – YSN Flow, Want Beef? 2.0.

“The shadow of death follows me, I don’t give a fuck Pussy play Superman, your ass’ll get boxed up” – Bushwick Bill, Mind of a Lunatic.

“I got boxed up in ’91, nigga Touched down and now Hit-Boy’s my son nigga” – Big Hit, Grindin’ My Whole Life.

“It’s the same old shit Everybody in the manor is locked up, boxed up” – Scrufizzerm Dubstep.

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Boxed up
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Boxed up

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