Bash (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bash/

Related: Birthday bash, Bashful

What does Bash mean?

1. A combination of “Bang” and “Smash”: To hit someone really hard.

2. A party.

Bash Synonyms: Birthday bash, Function, Event, Kickback, Get together, Sesh

3. To verbally attack someone or talk down on them.

Bash Synonyms: Diss

Example sentence: “You coming to the bash tonight?”

Bash in songs:

“I don’t give a fuck ’bout a blog tryna bash me” – Megan Thee Stallion, Thot Shit.

Ain’t nothin’ but a white trash party, So let’s have us a little bash” – Eminem, W.T.P..

I’m so Chi that you thought I was bashful But this bastard’s flow will bash your skull” – Kanye West, Get Em High.

Ain’t gonbash you bitches, I ain’t petty” – Gunna, Ready.

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