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Threw hands

Threw hands (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /threw-hands/

Also spelled or known as: Threw-hands

Related: Hands, Throw hands, Throwed hands, Throwing hands, Throwin’ hands

What does Threw hands mean?

To have fought.

Threw hands Synonyms: Scrapped, Squared up, Scuffled, Tussled, Boxed, Beefed, Throwed hands

Example sentence: “Remember when we threw hands in middle school?”

Threw hands in songs:

“She kept tryna show me her breasts So my girl came thru, threw hands, made a motherfucking mess” – Adriiian, XXL 2020.

“I ain’t threw hands in five years, you finna box these hollows Twenty Dracs in the ‘Wood, the coupe like a box of frontos” – BabyTron, Still Rappin’.

“Girl I won’t stand for you No I won’t dance for you Girl I blew bands for you Even threw hands for you silly bitch” – Bugus, I Don’t Want You Back.

“Everyday the same shit My bitch get her hair did Homies I threw hands pour a forty call the band with Diddy made a band I been trynna make the bands break” – Peter $un, Vibe With Me.

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Threw hands
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Threw hands