Birded (slang)

Type: verb, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /bird-ed/

What does Birded mean?

To be in jail or prison.

Birded Synonyms: Penned, Locked up

Example sentence: “Free my dawg who’s birded.”

Birded in songs:

“Max kept it quiet aswell, now they’re both in jail and they just got birded” – Central Cee, Ruby.

“I grew up so fucked, but I didn’t even deep it I’m numb to the feelin’ of grievin’ And man gettin’ birded” – Dave, Heart Attack.

“There’s still M’s and attempted murders They’re tryna get my niggas just birded” – E1 (3×3), The Life Story.

Mama in court, just waiting for the verdict Mama have to watch her baby get birded, birded” – Ard Adz, Habibti.

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