Hit (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /h-it/

Related: Hitin’, Hits

What does Hit mean?

1. To have sex. (verb)

Hit Synonyms: Smash, Fuck, Pipe, Beat it up

2. A very popular song. (noun)

Hit Synonyms: Smash, No. 1, Banger, Classic

3. To cause impact.

Example sentence: “Drake’s single “God’s Plan” was a hit.”

Hit in songs:

“Before I ever made a hit, I had a wrist game” – Meek Mill, Ready or Not.

I’m tryna know if I could hit it from behind, though” – Fetty Wap, 679.

Hit her with no condom, had to make her eat a Plan B” – 21 Savage, X.

“Let me hit it raw like fuck the outcome” – Kanye West, All Mine.

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