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Beefed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /beefd/

Related: Beef, Beefing, Beefin’

What does Beefed mean?

To have had conflict with someone.

Beefed Synonyms: Scrapped, Squared up, Scuffled, Throwed hands, Boxed, Tussled

Example sentence: “I hate that we beefed in the past.”

Beefed in songs:

“Thugging hard in Angola, on that real walk Every nigga I done beefed wit had a big heart” – Lil Boose, Lifestyle (G-Mix).

“World War 3 like I beefed with Kim Un” – Drakeo the Ruler, Damn Daddy.

“I beefed with Hov, 50, Game and Wu Got in my own way a lot, I’m sure the same as you” – Joe Budden, SlaughterMouse.

“But your house is your house, I ain’t respect the rules I brought crack past your door, beefed with rival crews” – Jay-Z, Soon You’ll Understand.

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