Ambush (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /swag-in/

Related: Ambushed

What does Ambush mean?

To surprise attack.

Ambush Synonyms: Jump

Example sentence: “As soon as i see the wild coyote, i will ambush it.”

Ambush in songs:

Ambush attack on my back, double-team you get creamed” – Public Enemy, Public Enemy No. 1.

“Gangsters, watch a gang ambush like my anthem” – Double Lz, Daily Duppy.

“In the face of an ambush, To the back of they attack” – Lupe Fiasco, Kingdom.

Ambush I got my block jumpy, jumpy, gyal on me, man they love me” – Sav’O, Keisha & Becky Remix.

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