Boujee (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /Boo-jee/ What does Boujee mean? 1. To have an expensive taste. 2. To be high class or luxurious. Boujee Synonyms: Classy Example sentence: “She got some Gucci on, she’s too Boujee for me.” Boujee in songs: “I’m his favorite type of chick, boujee, bad, and thick” – Cardi B, […]


Bounce (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /bow-ounce/ Related: Bouncin’, Bounced What does Bounce mean? To leave. Bounce Synonyms: Slide, Dip Example sentence: “Are you ready to bounce babe?.” Bounce in songs: “Number 5: never sell no crack where you rest at, I don’t care if they want an ounce, tell ’em “bounce!”” – Biggie, Ten […]


Bounced (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /bow-ounced/ Related: Bounce, Bouncin’ What does Bounced mean? To have left. Bounced Synonyms: Dipped Example sentence: “We already bounced but we can go tomorrow too.” Bounced in songs: “Step mama moved in, nigga, so I bounced, Real shit, if I had to sell a quarter water” – Tory Lanez, […]

Bout it

Bout it (phrase) Type: verb, slang, phrase Pronunciation: /bout-it/ Related: Bout it Bout it What does Bout it mean? To be down for whatever or about it. Example sentence: “I’m trying to see if he really ‘Bout it“ Bout it in songs: “And we bout it every day, every day, every day” – Drake, The […]

Bout that life

Bout that life (phrase) Type: phrase, slang Pronunciation: /b-out-that-life/ Also spelled or known as: About that life, ‘Bout that life Related: Bout What does Bout that life mean? A phrase used to describe being about the lifestyle or activity being discussed. Bout that life Synonym: About that life Example sentence: “I was tired of traveling […]


Boutta (slang) Type: contraction, slang Pronunciation: /bow-ta/ Also spelled: Bouta, Bout to Related: ‘Bout What does Boutta mean? About to. Boutta Synonyms: Gonna, Gon’, Finna Example sentence: “I was just boutta call you, then the phone rang.” Boutta in songs: “I’m boutta pack up the whole house, put it inside the suitcase” – Roddy Ricch, […]