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Boxer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /box-err/

Related: Box, Boxing, Boxin’, Boxed

What does Boxer mean?

Someone who likes to flight.

Boxer Synonyms: Wrestler

Example sentence: “Floyd Mayweather is my favorite boxer.”

Boxer in songs:

Ain’t no boxer, Pacquiao, but got the chopper todo caso It’s like you heard God spoke, I seen the ghetto gospel” – A$AP Rocky, Phoenix.

Nigga I ain’t no boxer, I let that Tommy boxem Make ’em say ugh, Silkk the Shocker” – A$AP Ferg, Work.

“P-p-p-punch line queen, no boxer though Might pull up in a Porsche, no Boxster though” – Nicki Minaj, The Boys.

“I wear thousand dollar belts ’cause I’m a rich nigga Nina like a boxer bitch the way she hit niggas” – Chief Keef, Love No Thotties.

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