Scuffled (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skuff-ulld/

Related: Scuffle, Scuffling, Scufflin’

What does Scuffled mean?

To have fought.

Scuffled Synonyms: Throwed hands, Scrapped, Squared up, Beefed, Tussled, Boxed

Scuffled example sentence: “Have you ever scuffled?”

Scuffled in songs:

Beef don’t stop, who’s this year’s knuckle head? (knuckle head) We done scrapped and scuffled until our knuckles bled (bled)” – Cam’ron, He Tried to Play Me.

“My absence of fucks was a problem that we ain’t ever really get to solve We just smashed and we scuffled” – Earl Sweatshirt, Mantra.

“They calling me, want etymology of my alias Peers scuffled, careers muffled, it’s like it’s Vader sayin'”, Spose, Ayup.

“I saw an old couple I left them both lying dead on the road, scuffled” – ​eLZhi, She Sucks.

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