Yee (slang)

Type: noun, slang, contraction, interjection

Pronunciation: /yur/

Also spelled: Yeee

What does Yee mean?

1. A greeting or attention getter.

Yee Synonyms: Yo, What it do, Ayo, Wassup, Gang gang, Gang, Yerr, Yer, Yerski

2. Yes.

Yee Synonyms: Yea, Yup

3. An MDMA or ecstasy pill.

Yee Synonyms: Thizz, Thizzle, Ecstasy, Molly, MDMA

Example sentence:Yee, you tryna go to the party tn?”

Yee in songs:

“Y’all had a year, y’all had a year? Y’all had a year, but you let it go by Yee” – Dreamville, Down Bad.

“Off the yee like it’s the bayrock a chain, I’m Kunta K” – ScHoolboy Q, Yay Yay.

“Free lil’ Kodak man, free lil’ tap boy, yee” – Kodak Black, Like Dat.

Barkin’ up the wrong tree, you know how the dogs get Haven’t fallen off yet, yee” – Drake, Wants and Needs.

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