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Down bad

Down bad (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /down-bad/

Also spelled or known as: Down-bad

What does Down bad mean?

To be broken, depressed, lonely or in a bad situation.

Down bad Synonyms: Broke, Losing, Taking L’s

Example sentence: “I was down bad after we broke up now i’m up.”

Down bad in songs:

“I done been down bad in them trenches, had to ride with that stick, woo” – Future, Life Is Good.

“I know that they at the crib goin’ crazy, down bad” – Drake, Laugh Now Cry Later.

Quarter mil’ cash, I was down bad” – Rich The Kid, Fashion.

Lil nigga play, I’ma catch him down bad and then stickem, foldem like a wallet” – Young Thug, Halftime.

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Down bad
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Down bad