Bucktee (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /buck-tee/

Also spelled or known as: Buck-tee, Buck tee

What does Bucktee mean?

A bum, drug addict, homeless or person.

Bucktee Synonyms: Broke boy, Bum, Waste, Wasteman, Waste yute

Example sentence: “That guy outside was a bucktee.”

Bucktee in songs:

“Take a nigga wop then I give the work to the bucktee and asked for the feedback” – NHS JayJay, Plug.

Bucktee said he sniffed it and he felt like he was Hannah” – Smallz, Trappin Hard.

“Doin’ tours, ain’t even on tour And the trap is a bucktee galore” – Houdini, Me vs. Him.

Bucktee be playing with flowers My gas be getting me louder” – Lil Berete, Coma FreeStyle.

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