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What it do

What it do (slang)

Type: slang, expression, greeting

Pronunciation: /what-it-do/

What does What it do mean?

A greeting; what’s up? What’s happening?

What it do Synonyms: What’s up, Wassup, Waddup, Ayo, Yo, Gang Gang, What’s popping, What’s crackalackin, What’s poppin

Example sentence:What it do my g, i hear you been working?”

What it do in songs:

“Uh, woke up with my toolie, what it do?” – Playboi Carti, Shoota

What it do, we ain’t never switch it up, we keep it true” – Logic, Bounce.

“Little bit of deuce, what it do, hands on the wheels” – A$AP Rocky, Hands on the Wheel.

“Dave, what it do? You can call me Dogg” – Snoop Dogg, Professional Rapper.

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What it do
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What it do

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