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Barkin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bark-in/

Also spelled or known as: Barking

Related: Bark, Barking, Barked

What does Barkin’ mean?

To be loud and making noise or threats.

Barkin’ Synonyms: Barking

Example sentence: “He was saying this and that, just barkin’.”

Barkin’ in songs:

“Dogs barkin’ then kick the door, no narcs in (None) Livin’ the wild life, think I am Tarzan (Wow)” – Offset, BBO (Bad Bitches Only).

Pussy boy, don’t be gawkin’, I ain’t doin’ no barkin’ I’ma let that shit rip, leave his ass in the parkin'” – XXXTENTACION, Floor 555.

“Candles burning, money burning, graveyard these niggas Phantom parkin’, big dawg barkin’ hey” – Future, Wicked.

“Girl, put a muzzle on it, all that barkin’ over dinner I was fuckin’ with you when you had the tiny Presidential” – Drake, WAIT FOR U.

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