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Yup (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /yawp/

Related: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Ya, Yah

What does Yup mean?

A variation/form of Yes, a term said in agreement.

Yup Synonyms: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Ya, Yah, Yuh

Example sentence:Yup, im going to get some chipotle.”

Yup in songs:

“This shit got me in my feelings Gotta be real with it, yup” – Drake, In My Feelings.

What’s up Unc’? Yup. Hey, I told you that check was coming in, I gotchu when it came in. Goddamn, I’m a man of my word.” – J. Cole, BRACKETS.

“I’ve never popped a bottle, but I’ve fucked a couple models in Europe Yup, and a couple of them swallowed” – Tyler, The Creator, Domo23.

Yup, runnin’ with the pack got slept, Hands in the cookie jar, cut his finger off” – Offset, Narcos.

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