Yerr (slang)

Type: slang, contraction, interjection

Pronunciation: /yur/

Also spelled: Yer

What does Yerr mean?

A greeting or attention getter.

Yerr Synonyms: Yo, What it do, Ayo, Wassup, Gang gang, Gang, Yer, Yee

Example sentence:Yerr, how you been my g?”

Yerr in songs:

“Let me see that lighter, Fire a nigga ass up, yerr” – Quavo, Pass out.

Yerr, Eli, why they testin’ me?” – Young M.A, OOOUUU.

“Mr. Dwayne Carter, only got one ID, yerr” – Lil Wayne, Be Like Me.

“Y’all niggas ain’t ’bout no action, Yerr” – Young Nudy, Mister.

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