Stollie (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stoh-lee/

Also spelled or known as: Stolly, Stolo

What does Stollie mean?

A stolen car.

Stollie Synonyms: Steamer, Stolo, Stolly

Example sentence: “We went to the mall in a stollie.”

Stollie in songs:

“Latex gloves in the stollie you know that we spin right” – TLE Cinco, Fix the Mic.

“Spinnin’ this stollie, hop out the car with the ratchet hoes into fashion” – 22Gz, Fallen Blixkys.

“Picked up your bitch in a stollie, Whip up my wrist, hit the Rollie” – Young Smoke, Days By Da Rabba.

“I woulda pulled up on you with a .45 and a stollie” – Sada Baby, LOUIS V UMBRELLA.

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