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Stolo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stoh-low/

What does Stolo mean?

A stolen vehicle.

Stolo Synonyms: Steamer, Stollie, Stolly

Example sentence: “I was cruising down La Brea in a stolo.”

Stolo in songs:

Pull up in the stolo, look like he seen a ghost” – Offset, Who Want the Smoke?.

Stolo, ride around on E, D.E. got that fire on me” – Mozzy, Can’t Take It (Ima Gangsta).

“In a stolo, riding round dolo, do all my shit solo! car smelling like dodo” – Kodak Black, Project Baby.

“Melly wilding in a stolo with the big MAC” – YNW Melly, Bang Bang.

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