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Open up shop

Open up shop (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang, idiom

Pronunciation: /open-up-shop/

What does Open up shop mean?

To sell drugs or establish a place for business.

Example sentence: “We’re heading out west to open up shop.”

Open up shop in songs:

“And I’m goin’ straight to the top, watch how I open up shop” – Lil Tjay, One Take.

“Couldn’t work, open up shop in front the corner store” – A$AP Rocky, Hun43rd.

“This pen the only hope that I got, I open up shop, and break out” – J. Cole, Revenge of the Dreamers.

“First we shut them down, then we open up shop” – Meek Mill, Uptown Vibes.

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Open up shop
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Open up shop

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