False flaggin

False flaggin’ (slang)

Type: verb, phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /fals-flag-in/

Also spelled: False flagging

What does False flaggin’ mean?

Claiming a gang or hood you’re not from.

False flaggin’ Synonyms: Cappin

Example sentence:Don’t come to my hood False flaggin’, it can get you hurt.”

False flaggin in songs:

False flaggin’ I ain’t wit that shit” – Lil Reese, Day 1.

“You ol’ False flaggin’ fuck boys gone end up in a hearse nigga” – Juicy J, You Can Get Murked.

False flaggin’, I ain’t into that” – Mick Jenkins, Gucci Bag.

“You rappers is False flaggin’, you a fashion blood” – Vic Mensa, OMG.

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False flaggin
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False flaggin

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