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Cop a feel

Cop a feel (phrase)

Type: verb, phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /kop-ah-f-eel/

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What does Cop a feel mean?

To touch someone sexually in an unwanted way.

Cop a feel Synonyms: Feel up

Example sentence: “Baby so bad i had to cop a feel.”

Cop a feel in songs:

“I say out loud “You wanna let me cop a feel?”” – Kid Cudi, Lord of the Sad and Lonely.

“Only a real nigga could cop a feel, credit card blacker than that nigga Seal” – Nicki Minaj, Yasss Bish.

“I make her problems stop, let me cop a feel” – Cozz, Tabs.

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Cop a feel
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Cop a feel

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