One Take


One take (slang)

Type: phrases, slang

Pronunciation: /one-tayk/

Also spelled or known as: One-take

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What does One take mean?

To record a song or a sound perfectly the first time.

Example sentence: “I did the whole song in one take.”

One take in songs:

“All I need is one mic, all I need is one take” – Lil Wayne, Dr. Carter.

“To they shit, I’m Asic, I run shit, I got it jumpin’ like pump fake, I don’t need nothing but one take” – Saba, Sacrifices.

One take, Jme, serious, hold tight all the waste MCs, all the people wasting their time” – Jme, 96 Bars Of Revenge.

“Max c’mon we gotta do one take and shit” – Juice WRLD, Out My Way.

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One Take
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