Ooh wee

Ooh wee (slang) Type: interjection, slang Pronunciation: /ouu-wee/ Also spelled or known as: Oh wee, Ouu wee What does Ooh wee mean? A phrase said in excitement, delight, or surprise. Example sentence: “You talking nasty babe, I can’t wait to get home Ooh wee.” Ooh wee in songs: “Ooh wee, cut me some slack, weed […]


Oowop (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /oou-waup/ What does Oowop mean? 1. Two blunts rolled together to form a big blunt. 2. A submachine gun. Oowop Synonyms: Uzi Example sentence: “He wasn’t nervous to use the Oowop.” Oowop in songs: “‘Member when I spent my re-up on a oowop, woah” – Meek Mill, Intro. “Pullin’ out the oowop, […]