Pen (slang)

Type: noun, verb, abbreviation

Pronunciation: /pehn/

Also known or spelled as: Pen’, The pen

Related: Penitentiary, Penned

What does Pen mean?

1. A prison.

2. To write lyrics.

Pen Synonyms: Up north, Cage, Penitentiary, Box, Can, Central booking, Kennel

Example sentence:I’m never going to the pen.”

Pen in songs:

“To even stick to a subject, it’s killin’ me, The inability to pen humility” – Eminem, Lucky You.

“If he talkin’ on the yard, the pen‘ dogs’ll take his chin” – Roddy Ricch, ROCKSTAR.

“You’re in the mood for empathy, there’s blood in my pen” – Kendrick Lamar, Poetic Justice.

“And in the end, it seems I’m headin’ for the pen” – 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up.

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