Bust slugs

Bust slugs (phrase)

Type: verb, phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /bust-slawgs/

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What does Bust slugs mean?

To fire bullets.

Bust slugs Synonyms: Bust a cap, Blam, Bust, Air out, Pop

Example sentence: “The boys in the hood be tryna bust slugs.”

Bust slugs in songs:

“A ghetto child raised around drugs ’til he’s old enough to bust slugs?” – Nas, Life We Chose.

“I know that you’re lovin me, cause you thug with me, who bust slugs for me?” – Ja Rule, Down Ass Bitch.

“Any bitch nigga with a gun can bust slugs” – Immortal Technique, Dance with the Devil.

“I even got a mask and gloves to bust slugs, but one love” – Nas, One Love.

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Bust slugs
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Bust slugs

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