Hell and back


Hell and back (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase, idiom

Pronunciation: /hell-and-back/

Also spelled or known as: Been to hell and back

What does Hell and back mean?

To have experienced a lot of hardships in life.

Hell and back Synonyms: To hell and back, Through hell and back

Example sentence: “He’s been through hell and back that’s why he’s so grounded.”

Hell and back in songs:

“Everything’s adding up, you’ve been through hell and back” – Drake, Make Me Proud.

“I’ve been to hell and back, now I’m seein’ different things” – Kevin Gates, Imagine That.

“He broke my heart, that relationship been to hell and back” – Logic, Under Pressure.

“Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers” – Lil Wayne, No Love.

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