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Hold it down

Hold it down (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang, idiom

Pronunciation: /hold-it-down/

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What does Hold it down mean?

To maintain or take care of something or someone.

Example sentence: “I love my lil shorty because she hold it down.

Hold it down in songs:

“If she hold it down, I’ma award her” – Gunna, Baby Birkin.

“Know P.O.P. gonhold it down, look” – Jay Rock, THat Part (Black Hippy Remix).

“You get lonely when I’m touring, just hold it down, be supportive” – Tyga, For the Road.

“Growin’ up, I was always in the middle, So I gotta hold it down for my older and my little” – Spooks, Chill Bill.

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Hold it down
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Hold it down

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