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Jiffy (slang)

Type: noun, adverb, slang

Pronunciation: /jif-e/

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What does Jiffy mean?

1. A short time.

2. Quickly.

Jiffy Synonyms: Sec

Example sentence: “I’ll be there in a jiffy shawty.”

Jiffy in songs:

“Call up my brother, you know he love Giphy’s Call up your ho, she’ll be here in a jiffy If she asking for twenty, I might give her fifty He know I got sauce, so he tried to get with me I need a deal for my Drizzy or Diddy” – BasedNas, Immaculate.

I’m pipin’ your daughter, muhfucker come get me One clip to that brain, gone in a jiffy I’m poppin’ your dame, cum on the titties Beef lo mein, all in her shrimpy” – A$AP Ferg, Choppas on Deck.

“Plead the fifth, sip wine stiffly Patiently come up and be spiffy in a jiffy Gift for the grind, criminal mind shifty Swift with the nine through a fifty nine fifty” – MF DOOM, Vomitspit.

“And ain’t no need in being greedy, if you wanna see me Dial the beeper number, baby, when you need me And I’ll be there in a jiffy Don’t be picky, just be happy with this quickie” -2Pac, I Get Around.

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